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& Expertise

We do all our design in house. This allows us to incorporate our premium products and expert knowledge in a seamless manner, providing a smooth process from beginning to end. We are happy to work with your interior designer and your contractor throughout the entire project in order to provide you with a high-end and aesthetically pleasing viewing and listening experience.


Home Automation is all about programming, and we have loads of experience and expertise in this area. We do all our programming in house, and work closely with you to customize your settings and screens. We have over 20 years of experience with Crestron, an industry leader in home automation processors.


Our installers have experience working with many homeowners and homebuilders. Because we work in some of the most luxurious homes in Southern California, we pride ourselves in clean, professional installations. It is crucial to us that your project be managed with care and precision from the first walk-through to the final touches.


Need audio for a media room? Home theater? Whole house audio? Sounds good to us—and we guarantee it will sound great to you, too. We design and install some of the best audio systems available and provide control from anywhere in the house. Surround sound, outdoor solutions, Play your entire music library and favorite streaming sources from anywhere in the house…We can even tie your TVs into your whole house audio so you can hear the ball game, or news from your Cable or Satellite throughout the house.


We can help you realize your dream of a dedicated home theater or a mixed-use media room. We work hard to stay up to date on the latest in projectors & large flat panel displays, and will work with you to create a heart-pounding and family-bonding viewing experience. We offer 4K video distribution throughout the home, allowing you to watch any of your DVR’s, Streaming Boxes, Blu-Ray players on any TV in the house. We also have many Outdoor weather proof solutions.


Why have a smart home? Safety, Comfort, Convenience, & Energy Savings are some great reasons. Manage your Southern California home with just one touch (press) on sleek screens and user-friendly interfaces. Look, we all know that technology can be hard work – but that’s our job. We want you to relax and enjoy the ease and enjoy ability our products and services can bring you. We provide control, design, and integration of shades, HVAC, lighting, surveillance cameras, intercoms, and more. Also, many of today’s audio, video, and control systems live or die on the home's network infrastructure. Because of this, we engineer & install enterprise grade Wi-Fi & managed Network systems with seamless handoff, band steering, and auto-rebooting features to keep your entire house covered. Your security and comfort is a top priority at AVC Integration.


At AVC Integration, we don’t just integrate a myriad of technologies as listed
above, we are equally determined to merge hard work, tenacious research, and care of our customers. In other words, we integrate with integrity. We believe you’ll notice and appreciate the difference.


Whether it’s new construction, a remodel, or a system upgrade, we have you covered with the most high-end products and services available anywhere.